P.S. On The Taylor Trail Again

This is actually a postscript to my posting on May 22, 2017 entitled, On The Taylor Trail Again.

When I took my first yDNA test (the Y-37) with FamilyTreeDNA.com, I never dreamed of what the results would reveal. I am in Haplogroup G which is pretty rare since only 3% of Taylors are Hp G. I have since upgraded to the Y-67 test, the G-pack SNP test, and I am currently waiting for the results of my Y-111 upgrade. FamilyTreeDNA has identified 5 individuals whose yDNA results are identical or almost identical to mine. At least 3 of the individuals have conducted advanced genealogy research on their family history and all three trace their (proven) lines to Edward Taylor who traveled from England and settled in Monmouth New Jersey in 1680, he died there in 1710 and the Monmouth County New Jersey Taylor’s remained in that area for several generations. The fourth yDNA match has chosen not to communicate with the group and the fifth individual has done little genealogy research but it appears that he will be a proven descendant of Henry H. Taylor (1780-1835) of DeKalb Co. TN. The bottom line to this brief discussion of the yDNA test results is this … THE Y-DNA TEST RESULTS INDICATE THAT I AM A DESCENDANT OF THE MONMOUTH NJ TAYLOR’s.

One of my new cousins has helped me formulate the WILLIAM TAYLOR OF MONMOUTH THEORY which I will expound on in a soon-to-be-published blog post …. In the meantime, let me give you the very condensed version ….

In the mid-1700’s it is documented that one William Taylor of Monmouth Co. New Jersey departed NJ for North Carolina and was never heard from again by his NJ family. I theorize that this William Taylor traveled from NJ to NC to GA and ended up in Smith (later DeKalb) Co. TN where he became one of several William Taylor’s in the county with a family. I further submit that he had several (if not all) of the sons we attribute to William Taylor Sr. of the Ardis Taylor books. Already, three test results support this theory: (1) mine, with my ancestor being Drury Taylor (son of William), (2) match #5 mentioned above whose ancestor is Henry H. Taylor (son of William) and, (3) Subject Two named in my previous post whose ancestor is Barzilla Taylor (son of William). At least four descendants of William Taylor’s sons will receive their yDNA test results in the next 2 to 4 weeks and those results will either “make or break” this theory.

Stand by for the rest of the story………