Koenig Families

My wife’s family history is chronicled in The Koenig Family Tree.  Her Koenig line is easily traced back to Medina County TX in the mid-1850s where they settled after leaving the German Palatinate region and/or the French/German region called Alsace.  Her collateral and allied lines have provided fascinating study.  She had ancestors on the Mayflower and at Jamestown.  The number of her ancestors who were American Patriots is nothing short of phenomenal; they range from a Revolutionary War army colonel to a frontier Texas Ranger killed in the line of duty.  The number of physicians in her family (beginning with Dr. John Woodson in 1619 Jamestown, VA) is especially meaningful since her late father, Robert L. Koenig MD, was a physician.

Primary Surnames from the 3-generation chart include:  Koenig, Matkin, Pierce, Newcomer, Biediger, Blair, Phillips, Wright, Herforth, Mueller, Garrett, Cushman, Carty, Lane, Stauffer, Fichthorn.

With one exception, this tree is currently unavailable online due to the actions of hackers/spammers and we are working on a safe, spam-free method to post it again soon. In the meantime, if you are a subscriber to Ancestry.com, it can be found there under member name 1jtay and the tree name koenig052803a