About This Site

This site has been in existence online since the early 1980’s.  Unfortunately, due to several recent hacking/defacing incidents and continuous spammer abuse, we have been forced to disable the “comments” feature. Currently we are trying to determine a safe, spam-free method of allowing legitimate comments or email so please check back for the progress of that project.

The purpose of this site is to facilitate the exchange of family history information about my personal family tree, THE TAYLOR FAMILY TREE, and my wife’s, THE KOENIG FAMILY TREE, with others.

Some notes about sharing … You may use any of the data from this website but we would ask that you consider including the comment, “provided courtesy of GenWebSite.com”. Unless otherwise cited, all photographic media on this site should be considered as copyrighted 2013 by J. Taylor, Marshall, TX. Site visitors may download any of the photographic media with the stipulation that it can be used ONLY for personal and/or non-commercial purposes and must be cited accordingly. Some of the data and photos are not originally ours and we’ve tried to identify these. Since this information is not ours, we cannot give you permission to do anything other than use it accordingly which we assume is okay since we found it to be freely downloadable elsewhere on the Internet. We have not knowingly or intentionally published or made available any copyrighted or proprietary material; please notify us if you find otherwise.