Andrew Calvin Parker

Andrew Calvin Parker (ACP) is believed to have been born 27 Apr 1824 in Fayette Co., Alabama. His father may have been Samuel Parker (1795-1865) and his mother’s given name may have been Eleanor (1802-1849).

ACP married Mary Elizabeth Mcknight abt 1848 and we find the couple living with her parents in the 1850 Choctaw Miss census.

ACP & Mary haven’t been found on the 1860 census. Although of age, no Civil War service record has been found for ACP. It is interesting to note that five of Samuel Parker’s sons (possibly ACPs bros) all fought for the 4th Ark Union Cavalry.

ACP & family are living in Antoine Twp, Pike Co., AR in both the 1870 and 1880 censuses.

According to censuses, ACP & Mary had eleven children: John (1848-1890), Ellender (1850-), Samuel (1853-1918), Malinda (1855-), James (1858-), Melvina (1860-), Francis(1861-1926), Mary J(1863-1929), Sevilla(1868-1903), Thomas(1872-1955), Julia A(1875-1906).

Although unsourced, some trees state that ACP died 10 Sep 1896 in Pike Co., AR. (Mary is listed as a widow in 1900).

Can anyone help by providing sourced information about Andrew Calvin Parker? Especially: (1) Date of birth & location, (2) date of death & location, (3) Civil War record, and last and most important (4) confirmation of his parentage.