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The Taylor Family Books By Ardis Taylor

My friend, Ardis Taylor has kindly given me permission to scan and post excerpts from her books on this website. Please note the following:
1. None of the books are still in print. Please do not phone or write the author, Ardis Taylor, as she has no books available and is unable to reply to queries about the books or their contents.
2. All of these books (and excepts) are copyrighted. You may download the excerpt and use it for your personal research purposes but you may not: (a) alter any of the text, (b) post online to message boards, ancestry pedigree pages, etc. (c) sell or market the data.
3. I am sorry, but I just don’t have the time to do “lookups” so please do not ask as I will not reply!
4. If you have a specific ancestor whom you know was a child of William Taylor Sr. (c. 1729-1820), you may request a scan of the chapters about that person and I will provide you with a quote from my printer about the cost of the scan. Once payment has been made via Paypal, I will have the data scanned and it will be posted on this download page (to be shared with all).
5. Again, I am sorry and don’t mean to be rude but, please do not send me questions, comments, or arguments about the contents of the excerpts. I will not reply.
6. About information accuracy ….. The author, Ardis Taylor, writes that she knows there were some errors in the earlier books and she attempts to correct or clarify them in the later books. REMEMBER, these books/excerpts are secondary sources as they were not created at the time of the events.
7. I personally would caution you about relying on the information concerning the ancestors of William Taylor Sr., especially about George Taylor of Carlisle being our Immigrant Ancestor and his g-grandson, Francis Taylor III, being the father of William Taylor Sr. as I believe that recent y-DNA analysis identifies this information as being “questionable” if not completely in error! I will post more about this soon.

The books:
ON THE TAYLOR TRAIL, Volume 1, 1980
DRURY TAYLOR, SR. 1788-1845, 2000 (first this was privately printed and later it was included in Volume IV)

The excerpts available for viewing and/or download (all in .pdf format):

(1) CLICK HERE for vol2_001.pdf 5.3MB [14pp abt William Taylor Sr & family]

(2) CLICK HERE for vol2_002.pdf 3.9MB [10pp abt Drury Taylor Sr & family]

(3) CLICK HERE for vol3_001.pdf 9.8MB [28pp abt William Taylor Sr & family]

(4) CLICK HERE for DruryT_001.pdf 17.3MB [57pp abt Drury Taylor Sr & family]

(5) CLICK HERE for vol2_003.pdf 28.6MB [pp 0-86 incl contents]

(6) CLICK HERE for vol1_001.pdf 9.8MB [pp 0-50 incl contents]

(7) CLICK HERE for vol4_001.pdf 17.3MB [pp 0-47, 87-91, 382-454, incl contents]

(8) CLICK HERE for vol2_004.pdf 13MB [40 pages abt Henry H. Taylor & family. Contains errors.]

(9) CLICK HERE for vol4_002.pdf 16MB [41 pages abt Henry H. Taylor & family. Contains corrections to Vol.2 but still has a few errors.]